Blog 13: Research about wars

This week, I have been making units for the course catalog again. I have made 2 units and I am still making some. I am making units for history.

I have made a unit about “world wars.” It goes through most of the world war and explains why and what caused them. I personally was very interested in this and I learned that world war 2 could have been even longer from the cold war. 

I also made a unit about the cold war. I made this to add on to the world wars because there was no unit about it and I left the cold war out in world wars. I also liked this unit because it’s basically an add-on to world war 2. 

I finally started the unit on the revolutionary war. I realized that the unit was on the course catalog, but there was no unit for it. I will need to research about it because I don’t know anything about it. I choose to start this so it could be on the course catalog.

That sums it up for my 13th blog. I hope to complete the revolutionary war unit next week and making more units.

Blog 12: Finishing research about history

This week, I have finished a lot of units in Project Wonder. I have done the units “sentence structure, eras of history, vocab in context, the launch cycle, and the 4 C’s.” I had to just do a concept map for the 4 C’s and Launch cycle. I was really interested in “eras of history”. I like to learn about history. I finished researching about the industrial revolution, and I researched about the Cold War. The Cold War is based on the Soviet Union allying with America. Once America finished the war with an A-bomb, the Soviet Union got jealous. The Soviet Union made there own A-bomb, (Atomic bomb) which led America to make something even more powerful. America made the H-bomb. (Hydrogen bomb.) America tested the H-bomb on a small island and it obliterated the island and left a huge hole in the ocean floor. The H-bomb made a 25-mile fireball radius. 

This also seemed interesting because it is talking about bombs and how the A-bomb and H-bomb was created. I just catches my eye.

The other units that I did were very uninteresting so I won’t talk about them. They were about grammar and I need to do them to pass onto the next grade. 

That sums it up for my 12th blog.

Blog 11: Researching about history

This week, I have been learning a lot about history. I am doing the unit “Eras of history” and I learned that the industrial revolution did not happen in China. Today China is basically all factories. That seemed very odd to me. The resources I used claim that it did not happen because they wanted to keep China green and clean. 

A while back, I did research about the middle ages and came out with basically everything that happened in the middle ages. I am still researching to see why the middle ages ended. 

One activity we did this week was visual storytelling. We had to draw out a story with no words. I did Thomas Eddison inventing the lightbulb. It had him trying for a long time and it finally working. I enjoyed doing this activity.

Next week, I would like to finish my research about “eras of history” and move on to a new unit.


That sums it up for my 11th blog.

Blog 10: A design that can help the World

This week, I did a couple things and one that could affect the world. I started to design a home that takes up the least amount of ground space and be the most efficient. I have designed a single home and a normal home. The best way is to have the least amount of lights and have many windows allowing natural sunlight to light up the house. The best way for the least amount of ground space is to have multiple floors and have a small base. A home does not need a one-story home, people can climb stairs. 

The 2nd thing I did was make a school day schedule. I claim to have no 9th period and have an hour of lunch. In my opinion, lunch is always rushed and there is never enough time to eat. I also want to talk to my friends. I feel like 30 minutes is not enough. 


7:45 – 8:20 Period 1 35 minutes
8:23 – 9:12 CORE – Reading 48 minutes
9:15 – 10:00 CORE – writing 45 minutes
10:02 – 10:40 CORE – ELA 38 minutes
10:43 – 11:50 LUNCH 62 minutes
11:55 – 12:23 Activity 1 38 minutes
12:25 – 1:10 Activity 2 45 minutes
1:12 – 1:55 CORE – Math 43 minutes
1:57 – 2:43 CORE – SCIENCE 46 minutes


This would be my school schedule. The morning is completely normal and staying the same exact time, but the afternoon is different. 


This is it for my 10th blog.

Blog 9

My 2nd blog of 2020! This week, I’ve been working on school designs. I claimed some new things should be added on school property. Some things we should add is a bike repair station, more open classrooms, and stairwell designs. The bike repair station can be used for the public and for students at school. More open classrooms would allow movement to be a lot easier. The main thing I would like to see added is stairwell lanes. I’m constantly getting stuck behind a slow person. If there was a lane for running and a lane for walking, it would be a lot faster and a lot more organized. 

Another thing I did this week was a short story. I put 2 words, “The end”. Most people see it as an end of the story. The end can mean a lot of things. Not just the end. The end can mean the end of something, the end can be a city in the future, and many other things that other people might see it as.

That is it for my 9th blog.


Blog 8

This week, I have been working on my digital portfolio for Project Wonder. I have been digging through my google drive, and found tons of things. I have found things I did earlier this year, to things that I did years ago. One of the things I found was a club that I tried to make, “skateboard club”. I then remembered why I stopped trying. 

  1. I thought,”It’s going to only be me and probably 3 other people.” So it would not be worth a teacher’s time. 
  2. I thought, “Mr. Lobes isn’t here anymore, do any teaches skate? NO!”
  3. The school would hate it and think it’s too dangerous and would destroy their property.

These 3 questions stopped me from doing it. I also found a unit I did earlier this year. I did research about the middle ages. I spent days researching it and about a week doing the whole unit. 

On the Project Wonder course catalog, one of the units I made finally was opened up to the public. The unit highways was posted. I finally got 1 of my 5 units that I created opened up to the class. 

When I was searching through my drive, I found a project I did at the beginning of the year. I did research about car engines. I researched 4 different types of engines. 

The digital portfolio has a lot of old projects in it.


That is it for my 8th blog.

Blog 7

It’s been a long time since my last blog. Project Wonder is very different this year. This year has units that we can create and then have others do them. It is the same for me, somebody makes a unit and I can choose to do it. I have been creating a lot of units for the class. I have made units about roads, bridges, highways, and skateboarders. I am still making stickers and logos, but my programs are not currently working. I am still trying to fix them. In the past week, we have been inventing a few things. The class has made paper airplanes, and a Rube Goldberg challenge. We made a simple airplane to test and see how far it would go. Then we had a hard Rube Goldberg challenge. The one my group made had dominoes and a zipline. A roll of tape went down a track, tipped over the dominoes, which hit a roll of tape on the zipline, which went down to the finish. In reading, I am reading the book, “Hawk, occupation: skateboarder”. In my opinion, it is the world’s best book. I am looking forward to making more stickers and logos this year.

This is my 7th blog and my first blog from 2020.

Blog day 6

This week, I have started an International sticker in Adobe Illustrator. What I am doing is a rip-off. It is when you would take a logo or sticker and change it but still have parts of it. I am taking “Daytona International Speedway” and turning it into a sticker for a skatepark. I am keeping the flags, (which might get changed later) and having the name of the skatepark as the font closest font to it. Then, where it says “International Speedway”, it will get turned into “Allentown, Pennsylvania”. This is not the first sticker I made though, I have made a rip-off sticker of “Canada Dry” and it is very similar to the way I am making this sticker. I took “Canada Dry” and had the name of the skatepark on it. I am doing this as a rip-off sticker.

That is it for my 6th blog.

Possible end.

Blog Day 5

This week, I have finished my Arcade Logo in Adobe Illustrator. I have turned the side art of “Truck Stop” and have officially turned it into “Arcade Stop”. I will still need to do revisions though. If it would be for a skatepark with an arcade, there would need to be a few changes needed. The coffee mug in the top right corner has nothing to with an arcade or skatepark. It should be turned into a skateboard wheel. A skateboard wheel would go perfectly into this logo. It would represent the skatepark. There should also be 3D marks on the “ade” in the arcade part. Notice, every other part looks 3D except those letters. Those letters are custom made by me. There was no font that matched it, and there were no letters like that in the logo. The “r and c” were in the original logo. So I took them and put them into this. The “ADE” should look 3D. Another thing is that the gradient does not exactly match in certain spots. I took the closest color and left it that way. This logo could sell as a sticker or logo, but there could be a few touch-ups.

That is it for my 5th blog.


Blog day 4

Twilight Zone
Mideval Madness
Partly vectorized Truck Stop.
Original Truck Stop






This week, I will tell you about the main part that I would like to do with my career. When I am older, I would like to do logos, (for sides of cars, or just logos for companies,)  and be a mechanic. What I do is go into Adobe Photoshop, make something and add something to a picture. Then I go into Adobe Illustrator and vectorize that logo or image. I have already made money off stickers I made for a business. (I have made a sticker that I took Canada Dry turn into a skatepark sticker, but I don’t have pictures. ) I am now making a logo for an arcade. I am taking the side art of “Truck Stop” and taking it into “Arcade Stop”. I am then taking many other side art like “Twilight Zone, Radical, Skateball, and Medieval Madness” (Shown above.)  and making them into arcade logos. The logo on the right is the stock logo, and the picture on the left is how far I got. Why do you vectorize it though? When you take an image off the internet and make it really big, it gets all distorted and blurry. When you vectorize it in Adobe Illustrator, you can take that image and make it bigger and it won’t get distorted and blurry. When you look at the different truck stops, you can see that the STOP is different. That is the vectorized part. You can also see that the colors are brighter and not as dark. That is the purpose of Abobe Illustrator. This is what I want to do later in life.

That is it for my blog today.